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This social media schedule comes as part of the class. You must sign up for the Photography Business Success Class in order to receive this product for FREE. If you would like to purchase this product without joining the class  you can do that HERE.

With this convenient yearly social media schedule, you'll be able to pre-write your post and keep them organized. You'll be able to view your entire year at a glance and see what you need to work on. This is a great tool for photographers, or any business owners that love using social media to boost exposure or share professional photography tips. It's now easier than ever to plan ahead! 

Here are a few reasons why I LOVE using social media scheduling tools:

1. Do you ever have writers block and don't know what you should write? It's so frustrating to feel stuck with social media. Other days I can think of three great posts to put up. I love using this schedule to think ahead and work around special holidays. On the days where I could write for hours, I write lots of upcoming posts. On days where I have writer's block, I no longer have to stress about it. I already took care of it last week! 

2. I'm heading to Germany for two whole weeks and I'm nervous about leaving and not being able to post to my fan page. We all know how hard it is to keep our numbers up with how much Facebook limits who sees our post. I was able to pre-plan my posts for those two weeks so if, for whatever reason, I don't have Internet access, I no longer have to worry because that work is already done! 

3. Did you know your individual fan page has a peak time for posting? You can look up and see what time most people are active on your page. Why is this important? Posting a great post at 4am is usually not such a wise idea. Not a lot of people will see it! My peak time for posting is at 3pm. You know what I'm doing at 3pm on most days? I just picked up my daughter from school, and my husband comes home from work. We're usually outside playing. The last thing I have time for at 3pm is to hop on my computer, write up a witty post and post it. With this I'm able to post my great post at the best time possible, while still being able to be there for my family. 

4. The social media schedule is the perfect way to stay on track and on schedule. With this tool I no longer have to worry about posting too much of one thing, three days in a row. I've already put a plan in that spreads out all my important topics throughout the entire month. 

5. Color Code! It's so easy to highlight specific posts and assign a special color code. I'm able to look at the entire year and know exactly what information I have by just the colors. You would think that looking at an ENTIRE year of posts would be overwhelming. Not with this, it keeps everything perfectly organized!

  • Purchase includes a downloadable file
  • Must have Excel or Open Office to use this product
  • Note: This does not come with pre-written posts to use, you'll have to customize it to fit your business. 


  • Download your file (you should have gotten an e-mail with your download link).
  • If file is zipped then unzip it.
  • Re-name to fit your business
  • Open up in Excel
  • Start Filling out each slot with posts!
  • When your ready just copy paste those posts into facebook
  • I like to schedule ahead of time and get at-least two weeks worth of posts scheduled on my fan page.