My Story

I remember sitting at my desk, frustrated with the lack of income, I had only made 3k in profits for the month and knew something had to change.

I was living paycheck to paycheck, and the stress of it grew by the day. I had no business structure, no plan and felt like this was never going to happen for me. I wasn't attracting the right type of clients and couldn’t figure out how to get anyone to book. I constantly felt stressed and overworked, and quite honestly I felt like I was going in circles with something that wasn’t working. It's not that I didn't have enough passion in my heart, I just didn't have a plan to get to where I wanted.
I sat down one day and decided that something had to change. I came up with a plan, set my goals and decided I wasn’t going to quit until I figured it out. I followed my new plan, and by the next month, I noticed something amazing. My new strategy was working!

$3,000 to $15,000 the following month, and then $34,580!

 With the right plan and structure, I took my business from making $3000 a month into a striving business that brings in

a six-figure income and rapidly pushing toward the $1 million mark in overall income for the last three years alone.

I started my business with lots of hard work and the determination to follow my heart, and for so many years, like so many photographers out there was just missing a solid plan behind it.

I built my entire business from the ground up, by myself, and even now, years later I pride myself by managing every aspect of it. Today I teach entrepreneurs in the creative fields everything I've learned about steering an artistic passion into a successful business and leveraging the power of social media to connect with clients.

My approach to working with fellow photographers and creatives is personal; I want to get to know those who join my class, hear their stories, their struggles and then help them create a plan to make their dreams a reality. I see right to the heart of the matter for my clients and works with them to understand what it is they most want from their life and their art. I coach entrepreneurs to build a business based entirely on their personal goals and vision of success which will ensure they lead the life they’ve always wanted.

For me, work and life are inextricably bound together. My business success has allowed me to work from anywhere in the world and has given me the financial freedom to spend every day with my husband and two kids doing something I am passionate about.

I became a business consultant and coach to make this lifestyle possible for others as well, I believe that life should be about personal freedom to pursue the things that inspire you most and be with those you love.

I understand the business of being creative. With humility and genuine curiosity, I work with others to see the possibilities instead of the obstacles in developing a solid business plan. I'm focused on the big picture, but still maintain my photographer’s eye for details in my work with others; this approach helps me remain available for a personal conversation to work through any entrepreneur’s problems or doubts.

My expertise lies in seeing through the complex world of business to illuminate the path to an artist’s passion. In doing so, my hope is to guide those I mentor toward their best lives – and their best work. Making it possible for them to have a career in something they are widely passionate about by showing them how to turn their passion into a profitable reality.

If I can do it, you can too!